Grad school sucks…

27 May

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Interestingly, I’m actually finding my graduate classes easy.  Maybe even too easy.  So that’s not the sucky part I guess.  I’m busy, so having classes that don’t require a ton of work is actually a relief right now.  What’s killing me about it is the constant back and forth from my department.

First, I was given a full scholarship.  Then I was told it would only cover one year since they accidentally awarded it to too many students.  After that, I was told that I could defer for the summer in order to make my scholarship last through next spring instead of ending in the fall.  Then I was told that by deferring for the summer (which it is too late to undo) I am defaulting on the scholarship agreement and will still have no funding after the fall.  When I reminded my school contact of our previous discussion, she then agreed that she did tell me I could take the summer off and stretch out the scholarship until next spring, and now she intends to “do her best to keep her word.”

So I’m probably screwed and I think it’s stressing me out a little bit.  It’s nothing crazy, and in the end it isn’t worth a ton of stress since I can’t do anything about it one way or another.  It’s just a mess, and I am tired of the constant back and forth from my contact at the school.  Make up your mind, you know?

Make me feel better.  Tell me your worst school administration stories.


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4 Responses to “Grad school sucks…”

  1. Bex May 27, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    I will tell you that my university (you know the one) has some pretty pathetic administration. Just last year I mailed in my dependency override papers (where the school considers you independent for the FAFSA based on extenuating circumstances), mind you I have to resubmit these papers every year now with a letter that says, “My circumstances have not changed.” Anyways, I mailed them in and months later I hadn’t heard anything, but assumed since my circumstances never change with that maybe they just didn’t bother sending a letter. Then nearer to the beginning of school I checked my FinAid which was not there. I went into the office and they said they never received my paperwork, so I did it all over again and handed it in in-person. Two weeks later I called because I still hadn’t heard anything and guess what! They “had not received my paperwork,” so I went through that whole thing a third time. Same freakin’ thing. Meanwhile fall semester had started, I had an outstanding balance on tuition and couldn’t buy textbooks. I went over to the office again and demanded to talk to someone in charge because I was not going to submit all of these papers a fourth time. And the guy there handed me a blank scrap paper and I wrote “My circumstances have not changed, ” signed and dated it. Seriously, that was it?! Why the crap do I even need to do all of this paperwork every year?! Ugh. But yes, I almost didn’t get Financial Aid for last year at all because Tows…my university… has some really unorganized people working there.

  2. Caryn May 27, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    Well, my undergrad school was awful. It was a small school that is half-online and half-brick&morter, and I’ve gotta believe that’s why. I paid for those classes outright and would send in a payment and get a confirmation, then I’d get an email that my payment was overdue. There were months I swear I never made a payment and they said I was caught up. Only Lord knows how much I actually paid to that school.

    My Grad school is MUCH, MUCH better about administration type stuff. They’re a completely online school… so I wonder if that helps. Payments are simple, registering is done all online, notices are timely. It’s lovely.

    I hope your issues with your school work out and everything is smooth sailing from here on. 🙂


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