4 Jun

It’s 7am, but I’ve been awake since 6:10.  My body is tired, my eyes burn, my stomach feels questionable.  After four hours of sleep and a full day of functioning, I was ready to sleep the night away last night, but my daughter had other plans.  She threw up, then cried until after midnight.  She finally passed out at about 12:30, I put her back in her bed at 12:45, and she woke up again around 1:45.  She was finally down and out for the night sometime after 2am.

She’s just going through a thing, likely a tiny virus she picked up from one of numerous kids she’s been in contact with this past weekend.  I know she’s fine, though there were moments last night, as my usually happy baby cried until she couldn’t cry any more, when I wondered if I was missing something.  Her poor face swollen from tears, arching her back as her stomach was clearly upset, and clinging to me in desperate confusion, not understanding why the usual comfort of closeness with mommy isn’t working.

Times like this kill me.  I want to take it all away from her.  I want to wrap my arms around her and let it build an impermeable shield that keeps out every pain, every worry, every moment of concern or slight… but I can’t.  I can’t take away her tummy ache, and as a mother that briefly steals a bit of my soul.

I’m weary today, insanely grateful for the weekend, which will mean the support of my hard working husband and the chance to steal back a few hours of sleep.

Happy (sleepy) Friday.

Natalie Dee - Easier to contain


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