House of Guilt

5 Jun

I have an extremely inconsiderate, self-indulgent gripe today.  I’m tired.  This week, complete with a sick little girl and a briefly malfunctioning air conditioner, has worn me out.  I intended to sleep in this morning, but ended up laying in bed wide awake for 45 minutes before giving up and coming downstairs….

…where I found my husband barely keeping it together with Evi because he has apparently come down with whatever she had this week.  I immediately felt… bad?  Sad?  Nope… irritated.  I felt bugged because it means I don’ t get a break today.  I got dressed and took Evi with me grocery shopping.

We came home, where she took the world’s shortest nap.  I did the dishes while she ate lunch, I scarfed some leftovers for my own lunch, and now I’m frantically typing this while trying to keep her from waking up her sick, sleeping Dad.

I totally suck.  Of course I DO feel bad for him and wish he wasn’t sick.  I just want a break…


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One Response to “House of Guilt”

  1. Zoot June 5, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    Dude. I feel you. I have been torn between a) wanting a break and b) just wanting some recognition SO BAD lately that when my husband is slaving away on the house prep I get more irritated than anything b/c at least it’s a BREAK. He’s not with the kids. Like I’m jealous b/c he has an excuse: Job/Home maintenance/trialthalon class that gives him a BREAK from the diapers/snot/screaming/messes.

    So, yeah. I feel ya. I feel guilty but also just WORN OUT.

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