Tantrum tamer

10 Jun

Oh my gosh, y’all.  Don’t talk about religion on the internet, or you’ll be forced to read (and perhaps respond to) hundreds of comments in which people say the exact same thing over and over again.  As a good friend pointed out, there is very little progress to be made when a religious person and a non-religious person argue, as the two thought/logic processes work quite differently.

Thanks for the house comments yesterday.  I think owning IS the better thing for us right now, but I so wish someone would just come and paint our house, you know?  🙂

Evi is now thirteen months (technically thirteen months and one week) old now, and the time is just flying by.  She’s SO cool.  She’s fast and smart and funny.  And she’s throwing some serious tantrums.

Calvin's tantrumsource

Ninety percent of the time, she’s the best child on the planet.  The other ten percent… she’s a little scary.  I was SO not expecting tantrums this early, but several mom friends have assured me that this is totally normal, and that there will be an end to it.  Thanks to some really good advice from Zoot, we’ve actually found some fantastic ways to deal with it already.  She’s not quite old enough yet to understand the idea of calming down, but we do try to breathe deeply and tell her to do the same.  Hopefully with repetition she’ll start to understand.  We’re also teaching her more signs (she signs hungry and thirsty really well) so that she has some more communication options.  And finally, when all else fails, Zoot suggested acting like a maniac to reset her teeny, furious brain.  And?  It works like a charm!  When she has a meltdown that won’t be stopped any other way, laughing like a crazy woman, dancing like a loon, or doing something else wild and unexpected seems to totally tilt her out of the “I’m upset… because I’m upset” cycle and returns her to her normal, happy state.  So thanks Zoot, you’re a sanity saver.


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