My perfect vista…

20 Jun

This post has been entered into the HomeAway Holiday-Rentals and Grantourismo travel blogging competition.

This picture was taken during a relaxing dinner with a wonderful friend in Piazza Navona.  We’d been working hard at an archaeological dig with the American Institute for Roman Culture, and we’d been spending our days hot, tired, and extremely dirty.  The work was rewarding, but wore us out every day.  When we had free time, we spent it this way… out in the city, enjoying a beautiful meal, an inexpensive bottle of wine, and watching the tourists go by.

We chose this restaurant because there was no one there.  We spoke our poor, struggling Italian to the waiters, and we enjoyed one of the best meals in our entire time in Rome.  Rome is a beautiful city, a chaotic mess of a place with so much heart and soul, and every time I look at this picture I remember being there.  I remember sitting in one of my favorite piazzas as the Mediterranean breeze cooled the summer air.  I sat with a friend, laughed and talked, and loved every second of the evening.  The picture pulls me right back… to the smell of the hot pasta, the cool wine, the summer air.


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