Book Review: The Italian Lover

29 Jun

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Robert Hellenga’s The Italian Lover, which you can buy (and I get a few pennies from) by clicking on the book cover, was my latest one-chapter-per-night read.

And… it was alright.  I was reasonably interested for the first few chapters.  After that, it became one of those books where a new, totally unrelated (yet) character is introduced with nearly every new chapter.  So for a while it was confusing, disjointed, unbalanced, and I very nearly stopped reading it several times.  In the end though, a book has to be totally horrible for me to stop reading it, so I soldiered on.

I guess I’m glad I did.  It was an interesting enough story, though I thought the women in the book were not convincingly written.  The ending was predictable and felt a little forced.  The characters were… common.  However, the story itself was relatively interesting, and the Italian setting and the use of the language are probably what kept me going when nothing else was peaking my interest.

So, if you really like Italy (you know I do!) and you have some time on your hands, it might be worth a read.  If you can read for more than a half hour at a time, it might be better and less disjointed too.

Verdict: C+


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