Thursday Thoughts

1 Jul

Just a collection of what’s going on in my head today:

  • I’ve been super thirsty lately.  Like drinking 8-10 glasses of water by dinner time without even trying.  I guess that’s good?  I’m not having any weird issues, so I figure it just means it’s hotter and I’m working hard during my workouts.
  • I’m going to see Eclipse this weekend… with my little cousin.  She’s not even ten, but she’s super excited to see the movie (as am I) while her older brother and my husband would MUCH rather spend their time browsing the scifi section at the bookstore, so they’ll do that (with Evi) and then we’ll all meet up for lunch.  I’m really looking forward to it.
  • I’m reading some books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, vampire book that are also historical fiction, that I read a long time ago and rediscovered at a used bookstore.  There are a TON of the books and I’ve only read a handful of them, so I’m now on the lookout for all of them.  They’re SO well researched and each one is set in a different place and time period.  Love it.  It’s my two favorite genres, vampires & historical fiction, combined!
  • I’m thinking about having a Halloween party.  We’ve got this big house, and we never get the chance to see all of our friends, so I’m thinking we might have a party and invite everyone over.  Of course you’re all invited.  Is it too early to be thinking about this sort of thing?  Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m already looking forward to it, and to (maybe) this:baby yoda
  • I’m in a dinner rut.  Trying to find meals that are easy, fast, cheap, healthy, and consist of things I normally buy…. is getting boring.  I’ll be surfing through some older posts that have new recipe suggestions because I’m BORED!


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