Evolution of a Nickname

2 Jul

puca shell necklaceI’m sort of weird when it comes to nicknames.  If you’re a good friend, and especially if you’re family, I’ve probably given you a nickname whether you know it or not…

An excellent example is what I call my daughter, which changes a lot.  Lately it’s been Boo Bah Bear.  Let me see if I can walk you (and myself) through how we got there.

Just before her birthday she got a Pooh Bear birthday card and loved it.  At some point I started calling her Pooh Bear.  It wasn’t long before that became Pooh, which became poopoo…. (sorry, kid) which got shortened back to poo, then puca, then puca shells.

So I called her puca shells for a while…  Yep, I’m a weirdo, and I wonder sometimes if she knows her own name.  🙂

Anyway, at some point this week puca randomly morphed into Boo Bah Bear.  I have NO IDEA where this came from or how it evolved from puca.

Do you have a fun/funny nickname?  Do you give them to other people?  Tell me all about it.  And if you’re headed to a vacation or party this weekend, be safe and have fun!  Happy three day weekend to those who get one!


Fitness Friday: Determination



5 Responses to “Evolution of a Nickname”

  1. Brandee July 2, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    Haha, I love it! I know so many people who hate nicknames, but I’m totally a nickname person. My favorites are the ones Owen comes up with – he’s come up with most of Ella’s nicknames… Ella Monster, Ella girly, tiny baby girly… 🙂 The best nicknames I’ve been called – Bran Flakes, Pancake… my dad calls me Deedlydoo, so now we know where I get it from… What are some of yours??

    • Skinny Sushi July 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

      My mom calls me sis, my sister calls me sister (or seeeester), and my husband calls me babe. For a while in high school I was Kermit (and my two best friends were Elmo and Pooh). I call my sister Binx, but have also called her Binky and Baryshnikov and my mother called her Booswahini for a while. We called my other sister Leelee for a while, and my brother is Blakester or Beaker. My brother Ryan… is just Ryan or sometimes RyRy

  2. Beautiful Mess July 3, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    I love nicknames! We have long beautiful names, so our parents said, and weren’t allowed to have any nicknames when we were kids. Now, we have SO many! I’ve been called D, DD, Dani, Princess (my fave), Smalls, hon, babe,and a few others that aren’t very appropriate ;o) My lil sis is known as “Banana” or “Dran”, she’s getting use to us calling her anything BUT her name.

    I’m surprised my kids know their real names, we hardly ever use them. It comes in handy though, Zilla’s real name is pretty common, so calling him Zilla is great when we’re out in public.

    I think nicknames are fun because it gives us something to call someone that’s a little more personal then their own name. I love Evi’s names, their great!

    Have a great weekend, hon!


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