Independence Day

4 Jul


It’s a holiday weekend and, for many of you, a three-day weekend as well.  Aaron has to go to work tomorrow, so we’re trying to make today as relaxing as possible.  We spent a fantastic day yesterday having lunch with family, walking around the mall for hours, and Aaron was awesome enough to watch Evi with help from his cousin so that I could go see a movie with his other cousin and her mom.

We saw Eclipse… and I really liked it!  (No spoilers, I promise.)  I thought some of the characters, like Jacob, really got a chance to shine, and then movie looked great.  The action was pretty exciting, and I was impressed with how they handled the violence.  I’d definitely see it again, and I probably will since Aaron might want to see it at some point.  He could care less about the series, but since I dragged him out to see the other movies he’s vaguely interested in the story…

Today, we’ll likely be sitting at home (potentially heading out to grocery shop at some point) and watching fireworks on television.  I actually hate the whole fireworks experience…  it’s hot and humid and crowded, bugs are everywhere (and mosquitos LOVE me) and it’s loud.  I was sort of pleased this year to have the excuse that Evi’s likely too young for the noise.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s full of fun and friends.


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