And the award goes to…

6 Jul

Dear Evi,

You’re fourteen months old and you’ve got THREE molars coming in right now.  By all accounts, you should be monstrous, evil, and in all ways nearly impossible.  You should be so horrid that I should be forced to flip through your newborn pictures so that I can remember you were once cute.  You should be a screaming, drooling pile of pain.  Here you are in all your teething glory….

My girl in her dress

My girl in her dress... looking tired, but beautiful.

Wait a minute, you look downright pleasant… if a little tired.  As your mommy, I can tell all of this teething business is wearing you out a little.  Here are some of the things you subject your poor mommy to every day:

  • you wake up with a smile, thrilled to see me
  • you want nothing more during your first half hour of each day than to cuddle with me on the couch, drinking your milk and watching Special Agent Oso
  • you make me type with one hand during this time because you insist on holding my hand
  • you laugh all day long
  • you frequently announce that you’re ready to get out of your crib by playing with the musical elephant tied to the edge, thus letting me know you’re ready to get up by subjecting me to pleasantly chiming lullabies
  • you insisting on incorrectly signing when you have a diaper, so instead of miming diaper tabs at your waistline, you slap your belly sumo-challenge style
  • you eat like a champion and you’re obsessed with fruits
  • unlike every other kid your age, you quietly and happily allow us to grocery shop… as long as we let you hold the shopping list

And so, for all the things you do to make my life so challenging…  Okay, sarcasm aside.  You’re seriously the best child on the planet.  You’re so fun, so easy, so happy.  These little things, like holding my hand every morning, make my heart so happy.  Yes, sometimes I get frustrated or overwhelmed anyway, but you’re totally spoiling me and for that you deserve a shiny, sparkly award…. even more so for being such a steadfast inspiration for me to keep getting healthy!

I love you, Boo Bah Bear.


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3 Responses to “And the award goes to…”

  1. Groupie for the Underdog July 6, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.


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    […] And the award goes to…: a letter to my 14 month old daughter […]

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