9 Jul

Uniqua from the Backyardiganssource

Things I’ve said recently (alternate title: kids make life weird):

  • Can you please get your hand out of my underwear?
  • Why are you licking my leg?
  • Aw, do you love the manatee?
  • Daddy’s shoe on my head!
  • I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but she ate…
  • Wow, you stink… (said with odd, but typically parental, enthusiasm)
  • Honey, please stop beating the dog in the head with that stuffed hippo.
  • Uniqua’s got a big ol’ head, oh yeah.  (That’s Uniqua up there.  Seriously, she’s got a big head.)
  • Come on, let’s get up and do the dinosaur (flower/robot/frog/octopus) dance
  • We’re watching Octopuzzle.
  • Is that you that smells like a dumpster?

Seriously, kids make life weird…


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2 Responses to “Overheard”

  1. Mary@Everyday Baby Steps July 9, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    Uniqua does have a big ol’ head, doesn’t she? Love it. We parents do say some pretty off the wall stuff!


  1. Fitness Friday: yoga mats « Skinny Sushi - July 9, 2010

    […] Overheard: funny things only a parent would say… […]

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