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Helpful hints: tick removal

11 Jul

Our back yard has a ton of trees, and our dog spends a lot of time out there… which means that despite the flea & tick medication she takes, she still brings in the occasional hitchhiker.  I used to HATE removing ticks, especially since half the time I wasn’t sure if I’d managed to get the gross, tiny head out.


Johnsons baby oilI found a way to suffocate the little nasties!  If I put three or four drops of baby oil on the tick, wait thirty seconds, add another two or three drops, and wait another thirty seconds or so, the tick is so easy to pull out that I can do it with my fingers and some tissue paper.  The longer it’s been in there, the more oil and time you’ll need… but it’s so easy to do.  I imagine it would work just as well on people, and it even smells good!

So there you go… something actually useful!


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The Complainer

14 Oct

You know those people?  The ones who seem to have everything you want, who have good lives and should be grateful, but instead they complain?  I’m about to be one of those people.  I just need to get it out of my system.

Let me preface this (almost not posted) post by saying the following things that anyone who knows me in real life will answer with a big old DUH.  I adore my husband.  I love my daughter in a way that makes my head feel explode-y and she is a nearly perfect baby who basically sleeps through the night and is currently laughing and smiling her way through teething.  I am so blessed to be able to stay at home right now, and I really like the job I am currently doing.  I love my dog.  This house is lovely.

Now on to the complaining.

I’m having issues with balance.  I am having trouble figuring out how to get it all done in a day and not feel stressed out.  I spend most of my day on the couch, since my work requires several hours of typing and that several hours is spread over the course of the day thanks to diapers and bottles and my silly need to eat something sometimes.  I’d like to get out of the house more, but finding somewhere to go that isn’t far away (gas costs money) is tough, and most places I’d need to be to find the work required internet connection also want me to spend money.  The people at the local coffee house understandably frown upon me taking up space there for several hours without buying something.  We’re on a very limited budget, so how do I get out of the house without spending money we don’t have?

How do I fit work and baby and laundry and dishes and unpacking into a day?  How do I remember to shower when it seems like such a secondary thing, something that can wait when there is work to do, or dishes to wash, or baby laundry to do before she runs out of bibs again.  I feel stressed, and a little bit depressed.  I don’t see friends, because we live so stinking far away from everyone that no one wants to drive this far, and I don’t blame them.  I do get a lot of interaction with people online, and I honestly think that is part of what’s keeping me sane.  Thanks guys!

I’m also feeling frustrated with all of the physical issues.  As previously mentioned, things are just not the same for me physically.  I had some poorly healed scar tissue that was causing a lot of pain and made normal intimacy impossible.  I had it treated (hey!  silver nitrate burns!) and now it looks like I will have to treat it again.  And here goes any glamorous notions you had about me…  I have a bacterial infection that I can’t get rid of.  I was really prone to infections during the pregnancy, and it looks like I still am.  They are giving me a very low level medicine to treat it since I am still breastfeeding, and it seemed to worked until a few days later when the infection returned.  I also have a hemorrhoid (oh how sexy am I now?) that came part and parcel with Evi’s birth.  It seemed to be getting better for a while, but lately it is getting much worse and now I bleed every time I poop.  I haven’t called the doctor about it, because I know they’re going to say I have to have surgery and I have had enough surgery for three lifetimes now.  I know.  I know I should call anyway.  I don’t even know if I am supposed to call my regular doctor or the obgyn.

The dog still has fleas.  We are trying all sorts of things.  The stuff the vet gave us, which is also a heartworm medication, is not working at all.  She is itching herself into oblivion, and she is driving us all insane with it.  She itches and chews and licks all day and all night.  She makes it hard to sleep.  We bathe her with medicated shampoo, which helps only until she goes back outside.  Her skin is red and angry everywhere from all of the itching.  We need to treat the yard with diatomaceous earth, but because I suck as a pet owner that is just one of the things that keeps getting pushed down the list.

We are no closer to being unpacked and totally moved in than we were two months ago.  Everything that is left to unpack is the unnecessary stuff… books, knick knacks, decor… and I just keep letting it go.  Some things are still where they are because I don’t have a place to put them, which seems insane in such a big house.  We need bookshelves, but no one is freecycling anything we can use, so the books stay packed.  We need shelves, but again no freecycle luck, so the knick knacks still sit wrapped in tissue.  The bathroom is only half stripped of the hideous wallpaper, and only one quarter primed for painting.

I vowed to finish my book so that I could start shopping the manuscript, but I just can’t seem to find the time to make it happen.  It isn’t a Must Do, so it gets delayed and delayed until it just never happens.  Since I type all day for work, it seems like just one more thing to do instead of the project I loved.

I am SO not exercising.  I eat… passably, balancing not-so-good meals with healthy foods, but I am about fifteen pounds heavier than before I got pregnant.  It doesn’t sound like much, until you take into account that pre-pregnancy I was still about 48 pounds heavier than I “should” be.  So that means I am now 60+ pounds over.

Do you see now why I needed the disclaimer at the beginning?  I have a beautiful life, so much of it is exactly what I want, and yet I don’t feel totally content right now.  I compound the problem for myself by feeling guilty every time I feel less than perfect, because how can I feel badly when everything is so good?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a phase?  Maybe I just need time to adjust to the way things are now?  I am off to make phone calls… the vet, the gyn, the pediatrician, the people who may or may not be able to replace our mysteriously missing oven rack…

Mine To Hold

23 Sep

I have a deep post to write tonight, but I am distracted by the fact that I had my nether regions cauterized with silver nitrate today.  And yes, that hurt just as much as it sounds like it would despite the doctor’s assurance that “most women say it’s totally painless, but it may smart a little.”  Uh huh.  Smart.  Right… if by “smart” you mean “burn with the fire of ten thousand hellish suns.”  Then yes, it smarted.



Moving on….

Today I realized that I am not yet convinced that I get to keep Evi.  Before I go to bed at night I have to stand in her doorway and listen to her breathe.  I sleep so lightly it’s almost not sleeping because I am terrified I will miss a sound that means she needs me.  I have horrible visions of pulling her out of her carseat only to find she has overheated and passed out.  I have nightmares of coming down to wake her in the morning to find her gone or, worse yet…  I can’t even type the words.

I love that little girl in a way I was never able to love her brother.  My love for Evi is no more than that for Aodin, but there is a weight to it that can only come from the process of raising a child.  There is something there, a connection I have with her that I never had with him.  Because of that, I find myself nearly paralyzed with fear that she will be taken from me too.

I know it’s all irrational.  I know it makes no sense.  It’s not something that I spend every second thinking about, and it isn’t something that I spend my time expecting to have to deal with.  It’s just something I can’t help feeling.

Now please excuse me while I make my way to bed, stopping as always on the way up to stand in the doorway of the nursery and listen to the rhythm of my precious daughter’s sleeping breaths.

Now what?

8 Sep

And…. we have fleas.  Savannah has flea/tick stuff on but it’s clearly not working.  I vacuumed every soft surface I could find, and we are going to get some diatomaceous earth for the yard.  We have to call the vet for more Advantix.

In other great news, our air conditioner is broken and it’s such and old model that we’re looking at $1000-$4000 to fix it.


Great, Just Great.

10 Sep

So…. the doctor called this morning to tell me some things, good and bad.

Good: my blood tests came back normal and happy, and I have no issues there.  Also, my cholesterol is 143, which is apparently really low and very good.

Bad: they lost my poo.  Uh huh.  I managed to do THREE test kits (nine vials) and they lost them.  Whu?  HOW DO YOU LOSE POO?  I am pretty sure this means I am going to have to do it again, and I am NOT pleased.  One of the wonderful nurses at the office said she would walk up to the lab today and see if she could figure something out, so I am still holding out hope for a poo miracle.

Wow, I am so gross.

WAY Too Much Information

27 Aug

I’ve been holding off on blogging about something lately because….  well, it’s really gross.  No, really.

I will give you fair warning that it’s about… uh… poo.  So you can happily walk away from this now, I won’t be offended. Continue reading