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Size transition fashion

22 May

I’m in a really awkward phase of my weight loss where I am firmly between two sizes.  It means all of my current clothing is too big, and nothing in the smaller sizes at stores will fit yet.  So mostly I wear things that are too big for me and just make it work.  I do have a pair of stretch jeans that fit well right now (oddly, I think they’re a 12, which is the smaller size I don’t yet technically fit into) so I pair those with lots of unintentionally blousey shirts and hope for the best.  Oddly, the new glasses seem to be helping things because I think they’re simultaneously flattering and fashionable… which almost never happens with me.

So I’ve spent the morning exploring some options for fashion options that are cheap, easy, and friendly to this odd size transition phase I find myself in.  Here’s what I’ve found so far….

Old Navy embroidered gauze topThis super lightweight gauze shirt from Old Navy would be perfect for the summer.  It’s also intended to be loose fitting, so it should give you more transition time…

Old Navy wide leg button front pantsThese wide leg trousers are meant to be easy fit as well, so should fit sooner in smaller sizes without hugging the bumpy bits too much.

Old Navy 3/4 sleeve gauze topHere’s another gauze option with a loose fit and a super thin summer fabric.  I love the way these clothes just look like summer!  Here are some other options for easy fit pieces that should make it easier to dress for those awkward in between sizes.

Casa Fiore red maxi dress - TargetKohls - paisley peasant topKohls - embellished tank


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I’m so Clark Kent

21 May

Today is the last day to enter the calendar giveaway!  Go and comment!

No glasses

New glassesSo it turns out… I need glasses.  I’ve been noticing a lot of blurriness, especially when my eyes get tired, so I checked it out and it turns out I have astigmatism.  Basically, my eyeballs are shaped funny now that I’m all old and junk.  So here I am, in my new glasses from my beloved Target.  They feel weird and my eyes are still adjusting, but they definitely make it easier to see!


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My Birthday

24 Feb

In the spirit of full disclosure and of my upcoming birthday, here is a purely selfish list of the things I am hoping for, in this order:

  • $134 worth of gift certificates to pay for this hotel for my FitBloggin stay.
  • At least one or two of these bras, specifically this one or this one, and hopefully in fun colors.
  • A new pair of jeans and a couple of shirts, probably from Target and not purchased until right before FitBloggin so that I have something to wear in the right size.
  • Maybe some new workout gear, though I am hoping the t-shirt from my Van Metre walk will fit well enough and be comfortable enough to serve as workout gear.
  • Uhh…  world peace?  Or maybe just some more takers on my now permanent Jewelry Sale.

An odd list, right?  I am completely unphased by turning 30, except to say that it does feel a little odd.  I don’t feel scared or anxious, but 30 seems like one of those milestones, like 16 or 21, and it’s odd for me to think of myself as 30.  I’m excited though.  So far, my life has been pretty good.  It seems like it just keeps getting better!  I mean really, how much more could I want when I spend my days like this?


21 Oct

Behold, my deep, dark secrets.  They aren’t terribly interesting, and they’re likely to utterly destroy any illusions.  You know, since the last post about bacterial infections left me with such a veneer of glamor.  😉

  1. When Evi is six months old, I am going to switch her to formula.  I know, I can hear the boos of disapproval now.  However, I don’t care.  I have been feeding her breastmilk since she was born and, thanks to latching problems that couldn’t be resolved, I’ve been attached to an electric pump the whole time.  Frankly, I am DONE.  She is growing up happy and healthy and she’s taken to solids like you wouldn’t believe, so I feel like it’s fine.
  2. I am totally having guilt about #1.  Despite my assertions, and my honest belief that switching her will do her no harm, I am still having tiny panic attacks thanks to the dwindling number of bottles in the fridge.  I can’t help it, I feel a little selfish.
  3. I really hate showering.  No, really.  I feel like it’s a massive time suck and I always wish I could do it while doing something else.  I don’t enjoy it or find it relaxing.  I just want it to be done.  Weird, right?
  4. I think I am going to do NaNoWriMo again this year, but only because I am hoping the drive to get the silly certificate will spur me into action in terms of finishing my manuscript.
  5. I am really loving my new job.  I research wineries all day.  It rocks.
  6. If I could, I would stay home and not work, and I would be happy doing it.  Of course, this would require a monetary source I have not yet found…
  7. I also hate anything to do with my teeth.  I don’t like brushing them (though, of course, I do) and I flat refuse to floss them.  I am fully aware of the potential damage done, but I have never experienced anything as disgusting as the feeling of flossing, so I just can’t do it.
  8. I take that back.  The other day I experienced something far more disgusting.  Savannah showed up on the back porch with half a dead squirrel in her mouth.  Yes, half.  No, I don’t know what happened to the other half.  I don’t think she killed it, and I doubt she was the one who ate the first half, but I was still utterly disgusted and commenced calling her Dead Squirrel Face and keeping her off the couch for the rest of the day.  Which brings me to the secret in this one…  Sometimes I don’t like my dog anymore.  I still love her, but ever since Evi came I find I have ZERO patience with her.  I get irritated when she itches, barks, whines…  I am bothered by the noise she makes when Evi is sleeping.  I think a lot of the bother is guilt based, because I feel like she no longer gets the attention she deserves… but I still don’t think we’ll have another dog after Savannah.
  9. I am obsessed with email.  I check my email at least ten times a day.
  10. Despite my utter, unswerving belief in the goodness of science and the absolute necessity of vaccinations…  despite my absolute refusal to believe that vaccines cause harm, I am terrified of Evi getting the flu shot (as per the recommendations of her pediatrician, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the CDC.)  I know why she needs to get it, and I both understand and completely believe that the risk of the flu for her is greater than the risk of the shot, but still…  Watching her get the few shots she’s already had to get in her tiny life has been terribly difficult for me, and the idea of another shot is really hard for me.  I don’t care about getting the shot myself.  If it helps her, or even if it just MIGHT help her, start poking me!  But to give it to her…  it just turns my stomach.  So I guess I haven’t totally made my mind up about it yet, and I won’t until Aaron and I have a long talk with her doctor at her six month appointment, which is when they want to give her the shot.
  11. I haunt a couple of mommy message boards, and I frequently get so angry at the people on them that I have to remove myself entirely for a while.  I think I am a secret snob, and I become totally unreasonable in the face of what I see as parental idiocy, racism, sexism, or simple ineptitude.  Because, you know, I am perfect….  right?  :p
  12. Speaking of -isms, I have a serious hang up about them.  When an acquaintance took a particular tone of voice when discussing a mixed race couple (a tone that suggested, perhaps, a bit of disapproval) I was incensed.  When I see those commercials about how gay marriage is going to ruin the “institution” I feel blind rage.  When I see the commercial for the toy truck that is marketed as “your boy’s best friend,” I contemplated writing to the company in anger for daring to suggest that my daughter isn’t just as capable, just as likely to want that toy truck, which I will now not purchase on principle.  I know this makes me naive sometimes, that the world can’t just work the way I want it to, but I can’t help it.  I am, at heart, a romantic idealist that just wants everything to be FAIR.  I want everyone to have the same chances, the same rights, the same options in life.
  13. I have financial management issues.  I keep aside a certain amount of money every week as spending money, and I tell myself I will save it up for the espresso machine I want, or some new clothes or something.  Almost every week I spend at least half of it on going out for coffee or lunch just to get out of the house.  I know getting out is good, but I wish I would just eat at home and go to the library, because I really want that espresso machine!
  14. I have no idea how to dress my new body.  Not a clue.  I still have clothes that fit, but they don’t fit the same way.  I have bought a few new things, but they are all super casual because it’s hard to go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans.  I don’t know what to do with my new shape, how to flatter it….

Also, I really like lists.  🙂

And I should be working… so I will.

Five Years

5 Aug

I’m stealing this from Caryn, who got it from here.

The topic is, “What have you accomplished in the past five years?” And because I’m completely compyign Caryn here, I’ll add: “And what do you plan to accomplish in the next five years?”

Five years ago I was 24.  I don’t even remember where I was working.  I’m sure I was going to school, and I was teaching piano and voice lessons in a studio I rented from my own piano teacher.

In the beginning of the year (in April) Aaron and I got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and I was thrilled with it.  I already knew I’d made a fantastic choice.

Not long after we got married, I made the decision to stop teaching.  It was just too stressful and too time consuming for the return.  I went back to school and continued working toward my Bachelors degree.

I got my Bachelor’s degree.

I self-published my book.

I entered, and was a finalist in, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

I spent two summers and one winter in Europe.

I learned to drive a stick shift.

We bought a house and paid off some of our debt.

I finally learned to stop shopping emotionally.

I lost fifty pounds, gained it back, lost 30 of it again.

I started my family, surviving the death of my son and rejoicing in the birth of my daughter.

In the next five years?  There is a lot I would like to do.  I want to finish our house, first just the basics to make it a clean and livable place and then bigger projects to make it our ideal home.  I want to find a way to get paid for my writing.  I want to find the perfect niche for my professional life.  I want to lose the rest of this weight.  I’d like to become a better cook, (re)master my Italian, get something published, and become handier around the house.  I’d like to see my family at least once a year.  I’d like to learn to dress better and to do something with my hair at least once a week.

More than anything else, I’d like to raise a happy, healthy daughter and give her a brother or sister to play with.

Thanks Caryn, this was fun!

Delayed Reaction

27 Feb

I am only just, a full two months late, getting around to posting this year’s goal list.  First, let’s look at the progress I made on last year’s list:



  • Read three books for entertainment — HA!  I think I read at least 15 books just in December.
  • Read TWO non-fiction books — Easy, breezy!
  • Learn one new skill — Hmm… did I?  Does learning to NOT freak about the pregnancy count?  I don’t think I can count this one.
  • Listen to Italian tapes once a month — Definite no on this one.  I have been such a slacker!  I did re-register for CyberItalian, and I have been trying a lot harder to work with it at least a couple of days a week.


  • Reach my goal weight — NO.
  • Stay at goal weight through end of year — NO.
  • Keep doctor/dentist appointments — Yes!
  • Exercise for ten minutes, 3x/week — Yes again!  I had to stop early in the pregnancy, but I am still counting this one as a success since I did it until medically disallowed.
  • Track calorie intake — Yes, even while pregnant… though not since the beginning of this year.
  • Learn to dress professionally — HA!  This one might have been wine induced.  No way.  I hate professional clothes, and I continued to dress only as well as absolutely necessary for work.  I wish I could change this about myself, but a lot of it has to do with having no confidence in my fashion sense, and no money.


  • Learn one new work-related skill — Yep!  I mastered several of our meeting and computer programs, and became the go-to girl for help!
  • Start 403B — Yep!  Yay for retirement savings!


  • Donate blood — no, still haven’t conquered my fear of needles.
  • Start donating newborn caps to hospital — I really tried to do this one, but the woman who runs the program never returned any of my ten or so calls.
  • Find a way to contribute to pregnancy and infant loss community — I have tried to keep up with Project Flutter, though I am behind in sending out boxes.  I have also tried really hard to maintain support through blogs.


  • Recycle — absolutely!
  • Replace one household product with something more earth-friendly — we can thank some friends for this, who brought us organic dish soap as a housewarming gift!
  • Donate to WWF — $50 this year.


  • No more using credit cards — DONE!  🙂  I am SO proud of this one.
  • Save money — I didn’t really… but as a couple WE did.  Does that count?  Maybe not…
  • Stop shopping — I was mostly successful here.
  • Pay off credit cards — does one count?


  • Finish unpacking — Done!
  • Install shelves — We decided not to do this because we don’t want to install anything in this place since we’re renting.
  • Buy picture frames — Done!


  • Come to a decision about grad school – Done.
  • Take one class — online Italian…


  • Take one trip that lasts for at least a weekend and involves staying overnight – spent March with my parents in Florida, and then another week there with Aaron in June!


  • Keep taking pictures of everything — Done!
  • Start new 365 project — started and finished!


  • See my sister every other month — I  managed this until she moved to Florida….
  • See my family three times — Done!
  • Go out on one official date — I am not sure if it was “official” but we did go out several times for nice nights together.


  • Check in by phone/email once a month — thank god for email , done!

All in all, not a bad job I think.  Check out this year’s list after the jump: Continue reading

Meat Tee

10 Dec

Need more proof that I’m a weirdo?  I am TOTALLY adding the following to the baby registry:

Why yes, that IS a prosciutto onesie.  Yes I DO want my child to have an Italian ham shirt.  Don’t you?  🙂

Of course, I would be totally lying if I didn’t admit to also wanting this one for myself:

Oh yeah.  Matching ham shirts.