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Change Your Bookmarks!

18 Jul

Good news, folks!  My blog now has it’s own little home on the web.  Change your bookmarks, readers, and links over to!

I can’t export my blogroll, so I’ll slowly be building it back up on the new site.  If you’re reading me, please send me an email at yummysushipajamas <aT> gmail [d0t] com with the link to your blog!



18 Jul


Calvert Cliffs State Park

We had a really fantastic weekend!  We had good friends come to visit and spend the night Friday night, so Saturday morning we spent the day with them.  We enjoyed some really good chocolate zucchini bread for breakfast and then a roasted vegetable panini and fresh fruit for lunch before heading out to the local state park.

We hiked for 1.8 miles (loaded down with lots of water and Gatorade) before reaching the beach at the end of the path, where we all got the chance to rest a little bit and Aaron took Evi out to stand at the edge of the waves.  She LOVED the water, so next time we’ll pack a swim diaper for her so she can really get into it.

We hiked the 1.8 miles back and were grateful to come home to an air conditioned house and a nice shower.  Our friends headed home, and Aaron and I enjoyed the awesome turkey chili they brought us for dinner.  We skipped the rice the recipe called for and instead ate the chili on tortilla chips.  It was really good, and I’m looking forward to making it myself sometime soon.

Today Aaron got up with Evi and I headed out to Starbucks for three hours of uninterrupted me/work time.  It was great and I got SO much done.  We ran errands in the afternoon and spent a quiet, lazy night at home.

How was your weekend?


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Yellow Balloons

13 Jun

Yellow balloons & love on her armsInspired first by Postsecret and then again by Aunt Becky, I wanted to post today that since I can’t be in San Francisco in person, I will be there in spirit…  In spirit, I’ll be standing on that monumental bridge, holding a bunch of yellow balloons as they bob in the wind, and praying that together we can save even one single person from taking their own lives.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, you are not alone.  Someone loves you.  Someone would miss you.  Someone (maybe thousands of someones) is begging you: please don’t jump.

Easy stirfry

28 May

Baby eggplantsource

Last night’s dinner was so good that I had to share.  Easy too!

Chicken Veggie Stirfry

  • 9oz chicken breast, cooked and chopped
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 2 tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp light brown sugar
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 tbsp corn starch
  • 2 cups sliced veggies

Combine the broth, soy sauce, sugar, spices, and corn starch in a skillet over medium heat.  Whisk/stir constantly to keep everything combined and bring it to a slow simmer.  Once it’s simmering, add the chicken and veggies.  I used baby eggplant, and next time I’ll also throw in some baby bello mushrooms and yellow squash.  It doesn’t matter how you cut the veggies as long as the pieces are small enough to cook through.  I cut the eggplant into little sticks and it cooked through in ten minutes or so.

It would be easy to change the spices on this to change the flavor.  It was easy, fast, and delicious.  I served the stirfry with white rice, which I cooked and then stirred right into the skillet with everything else.  Adding four servings of rice to the chicken & veggies meant four large servings of food.  Try your own combination of veggies and let me know how it turns out!


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Grad school sucks…

27 May

Books, glasses, pensource

Interestingly, I’m actually finding my graduate classes easy.  Maybe even too easy.  So that’s not the sucky part I guess.  I’m busy, so having classes that don’t require a ton of work is actually a relief right now.  What’s killing me about it is the constant back and forth from my department.

First, I was given a full scholarship.  Then I was told it would only cover one year since they accidentally awarded it to too many students.  After that, I was told that I could defer for the summer in order to make my scholarship last through next spring instead of ending in the fall.  Then I was told that by deferring for the summer (which it is too late to undo) I am defaulting on the scholarship agreement and will still have no funding after the fall.  When I reminded my school contact of our previous discussion, she then agreed that she did tell me I could take the summer off and stretch out the scholarship until next spring, and now she intends to “do her best to keep her word.”

So I’m probably screwed and I think it’s stressing me out a little bit.  It’s nothing crazy, and in the end it isn’t worth a ton of stress since I can’t do anything about it one way or another.  It’s just a mess, and I am tired of the constant back and forth from my contact at the school.  Make up your mind, you know?

Make me feel better.  Tell me your worst school administration stories.


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10 Mar

I’ve been so busy with Evi, life, grad school, exercise lately that I’ve been a terrible blogger.  I am out of ideas…

What do you want to know?  Send me questions/comments/ideas at my Formspring account, or stop by Skinny Sushi to tell me whether or not running is bad for me.


8 Feb

Now that I am definitely going to FitBloggin, I am trying to decide whether or not it’s worth the risk to get a roommate for the two night hotel stay.  It will save me money, but it will also mean risking someone smelly/snoring/getting into my stuff/rude/drunk… and I hate the idea of having to spend two nights with someone I don’t get along with.  I am generally pretty easy going, but I am also a bit of a loner and I feel like I might be better off on my own.

In defense, I’d like to go over a short history of my roommates.

  1. College – when I first went off to college, I was paired in a room with a slightly older girl who dressed all in black and led her boyfriend around on a leash attached to the dog collar around his neck.  She introduced me to her poster, a buff shirtless guy holding a kitten, and instructed me to say hello to Fluffy.  Fluffy was the man, not the cat.  I switched roommates as, luckily, one of our suite-mates was an old friend of hers and I ended up with a great new roommate, though later the creepy one would accuse me and/or my roommate of stealing her stuff.
  2. College redux – when I was in school a little later and living off campus with Aaron, we shared an apartment with a friend of his from high school and one other boy.  So yes, me and three boys.  We had our own bedroom and bathroom and their area was separated by the common spaces in the middle.  Once when our shower was clogged, I used the other bathroom and found dead roaches everywhere.  One of the roommates (not the high school friend, who we are still friends with and adore) would cook up an entire pound of ground beef and eat it for dinner on the horrible wicker furniture he supplied, and sometimes he would get up onto the railing that separated the kitchen from the living room and scream and sway like an angry monkey.
  3. Boston, Part 1 – when I first moved to Boston to go to Berklee, I wasn’t able to go up and look at apartments so I had to choose one based on email correspondence and pictures.  I ended up living in an apartment with another three guys.  The layout was nice though, since my bedroom was at the far end of the apartment with a living room and kitchen between me and the boys’ rooms.  However, my bedroom was actually the pantry for the kitchen and was so small that my single futon wouldn’t open all the way.  It was also freezing.  One of my roommates would sit in the living room and practice the mandolin at 3am.  They were all tremendous potheads.  When I moved out, my parents came up to help me move.  My Dad slipped on the stairs with a heavy box in his hand and one of my roommates STEPPED OVER HIM without offering help.
  4. Boston, Part 2 – In a desperate attempt to escape my first apartment, I accepted a classmate’s offer to move in with her.  My room was actually the living room, so I had zero privacy.  The windows opened, but there were no screens and they opened onto the alley where the dumpsters were, so in the summer it stank and we were insanely hot.  Did I mention no air conditioning?  Boston gets hotter than you’d think.  The same roommate would go out drinking, come home drunk, do horrendous things in the bathroom that left the whole apartment reeking, and would walk around completely naked.  When she moved out, she left a ton of her things in the apartment and left me to find a new roommate all on my own.  She never came back for her stuff, so we put it out for charity and/or trash after leaving her several unanswered messages.  Several months later when I went back to Boston to visit friends, she saw me in a hallway and stopped to scream at me for being a nasty thief who stole all of her things.
  5. Boston, Part 3 – When I finally found a new roommate, she turned out to be a fresh out of high school drunk.  One weekend when I came home to visit my family, her father called me in a panic because she’d found a half empty wine bottle in someone’s trash and drank it.  He constantly called me to check up on her and would ask me to take her to her AA meetings… which I actually did once or twice.  She had her boyfriend over all the time and they sat on the balcony and smoked pot then proceeded to have loud sex.  She was eventually forcibly removed by her parents from the apartment and taken to rehab… again.

So, you see how I might have hesitations about sharing my space with strangers now?